Since I can remember, I've had this love affair with Pen & Paper.


The world is rich and full of new experiences. I use sketching and drawing to to tap into those experiences as they are happening, and to better understand the world.

Through journaling I collect information and use it to develop ideas for song lyrics, poems, and art projects. Some of these images come to life, usually with the help of talented collaborators, and turn into sculpture or spatial designs.




Make Me

A collaborative mixed media visual arts project that seeks to re-create 50 iconic images of influential musicians throughout history.

The Love Letter

While there are many projects I am engaged in at any given time, there is one that always stands out. This year I am collaborating with artists, poets and the everyman to create the greatest expression of love over hate in 2017. Join me and be a part of something bigger.



Nature is my biggest muse. I love the grandeur of the wild, open spaces and the intricacies of biologic systems. But beauty is not necessarily artful. I want to deepen our appreciation for nature by enhancing natural products with a creative touch. This is another project that involves several collaborators in hopes of reaching a bigger audience.