“3 of 5”

Collaboration is crucial to my art. For the past 18 months I have been working with a number of talented musicians, producers, vocalists, audio engineers and photographers to bring you something new, lush, deep.

“3 of 5” is the story of a tragic breakup… the miscommunication, painful exchanges and acceptance that flows between two individuals once so in love. This EP is the third chapter of a concept album that follows an epic love story from the first encounter to the absolution of two people, just like you and I. Listen and you may come to recognize your own story through theirs.

The EP drops in July, 2019 and will be accompanied by a release party on some dark dance floor deep in the heart of Denver.

My sincere appreciation and love goes out to all of those who worked on this collaboration:

Brad Piper (Production/Writing/Music) Zach Lambert (Audio Engineering/Music) Lion’s Bridge Recording (Audio Engineering/Music)

Belle Burnell (Inspiration/Vocals) Laura Gibson (Vocals) Samira Kadam (Saxophone) Ian Brighton (Support) DJ Hold Steady (Performance)

…and more to be named soon!