Poet. Artist. Performer. Collaborator.


I am a creator. Music, poetry, drawing, and collaborative art projects are but a few of the ways I communicate and engage with the hearts and minds of people all over the world.

As a musician, I write and perform original material—as well as play cover songs at dive bars, weddings, music halls, street corners, and parties. I currently write and perform with One Way Ride, a soulful rock'n'roll band in Denver, Colorado that has taken me to Austin, Nashville, and back again. With the growing music scene in Denver, my personal work and the band are on the rise. If I can reach one person, for one moment and elicit true emotion than I am successful in my music career.

As an artist I have met and collaborated with some beautifully talented and energizing people—and we have created pieces that connect with our audiences and hopefully given them a new view on the world around us. If you're interested in collaborating—please contact me.

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Partners & Collaborators

Folks I've worked with and who've impacted me. Thanks to these fine people.